Beanpod Chocolate in Fernie

Earlier this month I got out of my comfort zone and traveled to Fernie with some cool people for a weekend getaway.

While most of my friends went to go check out the slopes at Fernie, my friend and I decided to go on an adventure and explore the downtown area. We came across many ski/snowboard shops and quite a few interesting gems…

One shop, in particular, caught our eye and our stomachs. This was a chocolate shop called Beanpod Chocolate. When you walk into the store, you’re first greeted by these bean-shaped couches in vibrant purple and red colours. I thought I was walking into a kid’s playroom… and as soon as you walk in you’re also greeted by the smells of milk and dark chocolate processing in the back of their factory. That’s what we were there for!

All of the chocolate is made on-site and there was such a wide variety to choose from… my friend and I had such a hard time deciding on which chocolates we wanted to take back with us!

Since we were taking a long time to decide, the owner gave us some samples from what looked like a neverending tap of chocolate coming out of a faucet! It was milk chocolate, and it really stimulated our taste buds. Then we tried a sample of their dark chocolate, at that moment I was SOLD.

I decided to buy just one chocolate bar that day… I took home the Gingerbread chocolate.

I had to resist eating it on the last night of our trip, so I ate some at home and it was SO delicious! It was not too sweet and tasted very similar to a gingerbread cookie. After eating it all a few days after (I had to hold myself back from eating it all at once!) – I told myself that I should have bought more. It makes me wonder what other chocolate shops are out there.


What’s your favourite chocolate? Have you gone to Beanpod Chocolate before? Let me know in the comments!

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