GU Japan Sailor Moon Luna Purse – REVIEW

One of my favourite anime to watch as a child was Sailor Moon. I watched it in English on YTV, and managed to find a French dub and Japanese version of the series later on. After a few years,  I no longer had new episodes to watch so I watched the live action drama and the new Sailor Moon Crystal. As soon as I found out GU Japan was having a collaboration with Sailor Moon, my inner fangirl screamed with soooo much excitement! But of course, it’s difficult to get things from GU Japan overseas… luckily we have JBOX Japan which helps customers like me get the products we want and love from Japan.

When I saw that JBOX had some Sailor Moon items, I knew that I had to look no further. I purchase this super cute Luna purse.

It is the perfect size to hold a few items, such as my cellphone, wallet, keys, lip balm and even other small items! The purse is made with a very sturdy pleather material and the crescent moon on the front of the bag with the engraved eyes makes it look and feel authentic. It’s definitely an eye-catching purse and I get a ton of compliments on it all the time!

It retailed for $30 USD. Unfortunately the Luna bag isn’t in stock anymore, but I was also thinking of purchasing the Artemis purse which you can find here. If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, I’d recommend getting the purse fast because these items are limited edition. A lot of things in Japan are limited edition and they really don’t come back… which is sad, but that’s what makes the items so unique, right? 🙂

Do you have this purse? Are you a fan of Sailor Moon? Let me know in the comments!

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