I went to CAMP 2017!

I recently got the opportunity to attend CAMP 2017 – a design, art and technology convention held annually in Calgary. This year was the fourth year and it was my first time attending. I am really looking forward to next year’s festival! Here’s why:

They had a ton of inspiring and motivational speakers. I felt so enlightened after coming out of each of the panels I attended. Panels I really enjoyed included: The Evolution of Our Relationship with Technology by Riccardo Giraldi, Stop Looking for Inspiration: Be Your Own Muse! by Lauren Hom, Remote: Hacking the World’s Genius by Robyn Larsen and Entertaining Design: It’s Nice to be Nice to the Nice by Emily Oberman. I made sure to take notes so that I can apply their ways of thinking and expert advice to my own creative adventures.

There was definitely a lot of opportunity to network with different individuals in the industry. Not only did people who work in the industry attend, but students did too! I didn’t really network with anyone because I am actually really shy… I noticed a lot of people did go to the conference with a friend, group or their co-workers, so I would love to try that next time. Talking might be a bit easier in a group!

The festival was for only two days (there was a third day with workshops, but that was a little bit more expensive to participate in) and I honestly wish it were a bit longer! It was reminiscent of going to lecture days at the university. I learned a lot and a few weeks later, I am still inspired.

I highly recommend the festival to anyone who’s looking for some motivation, inspiration and to learn new things about design trends and technology!

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