Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip in Double Scoop – REVIEW

I had a desire to wear lip colours during the work week, and sometimes the loud, bright, and colourful lipsticks or liquid lipsticks that I had would be way too bold for the work day. I needed something that was muted, and still had colour to show my personality for the summer.

I randomly decided to check out the Colourpop website about a few weeks ago…

They had just released the Ultra Blotted Lips line. It was exactly what I wanted. It took me a couple of days to find some swatches to figure out which shades I wanted. Then they had a free international shipping with no minimum order available and I ended up going ahead with Double Scoop, since that was unlike any shade of lipstick I had!


Double Scoop is a muted orange colour on my lips. With one swipe, it looks like I have colour on, but it’s not too obvious.

With two coats, it’s more vibrant, but does get a bit patchy. It also can look more pink than orange…


Always exfoliate!


I really love the formula. It’s matte, but not drying on my lips at all! I found myself not applying lip balm as much. It lasts for a long time throughout the day, but if I’m eating something greasy, then it’ll slip off. However, it’s still so easy to glide on the lips that it doesn’t matter to me if I need to reapply. The patchiness (picks up flakes on my lips) might be a future issue for me, but can easily be resolved with exfoliating.

If they come out with some other colours, then I might be tempted to purchase some more… I just have too many pinks in my collection right now and there’s no room for more!

Highly recommend this if you’re looking for that subtle amount of colour, but not too subtle. 🙂

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored and the product was purchased on my own. These thoughts are my own and are honest. 🙂

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