Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow to Go – REVIEW

I’m really late hopping onto the highlighter train but after watching Nikkietutorials on YouTube and her collaboration with Kim Thai, I instantly fell in love with how well they applied their highlighter and how glowy and fabulous they looked with it on. I did think that highlighter was too excessive for me, especially since I have a very detailed face, so I did some research on how it can be worn with other makeup trends.

It was then time to find a highlighter of my own. I searched my eyeshadow/blush palettes to see if I had any built-in, but I didn’t, so I went through the aisles of Sephora and watched some reviews and found the Pro Glow to Go palette by Tarte Cosmetics.


It comes with three shades, Gleam (light bronze sheen), Burst (pearly), and Chisel which I haven’t used, but is an orange-brown contour shade.


Gleam’s pigmentation is sub-par, which is why I like it for everyday wear. Burst is very pigmented, though. I usually apply these highlighters with my fingers, on top of my cheek bones. For a while, I was also applying it on the bridge of my nose and the tip, which I learnt made me look too 3D-like, so I stopped!


I’m wearing Gleam here, which adds a nice glow to my cheeks and nose. It’s really nice!

Would you get the Pro Glow to Go palette? What’s your favourite highlighter?

Let me know in the comments section below!


Disclaimer: This product review contains my honest thoughts and is not sponsored.