Calgary Poutine Week 2016 – Goro + Gun’s Hamamatsu Poutine – REVIEW

Can you tell I’m a major foodie by the number of food posts I’ve been outputting here? April 15 was the start of the 2016 Calgary Poutine Week. There’s a whole list of restaurants over at that you can check out. For every poutine sold, one meal is given to someone who needs it through the Mealshare program. Isn’t that awesome? Poutine is awesome and it’s waaaaay better when you can help give back!

My friend and I have decided we are going to do some poutine hopping this week, as Calgary Poutine Week only lasts until April 23!

Our first stop was at Goro + Gun for their Hamamatsu Poutine. If you love Japanese-inspired cuisine, you will love this dish. It’s filled with sweet yam fries, unagi (eel), some delicious gooey cheese, teriyaki gravy, green onions and an onsen (hot springs) tamago (egg).

We decided to share the poutine. The portion is pretty small for $10, so I would have preferred my own. But oh my goodness, it was the best poutine I have had in ages!!

The saltiness of the cheese went so well with the sweet flavour of them yam fries with the teriyaki gravy. After the yolk dripped on each yam fry so carefully, the melody of flavours I was experiencing was divine.

I definitely hope they keep this poutine as part of their regular menu. I think a nice beer or wine would have been great to pair with this dish, I will definitely be back for more!

Rating: 5/5 Yam Fries

Goro + Gun is located in the Scotia Center, 225 7 Ave SW #245

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