Calgary Poutine Week 2016 – Goro + Gun’s Hamamatsu Poutine – REVIEW

Can you tell I’m a major foodie by the number of food posts I’ve been outputting here? April 15 was the start of the 2016 Calgary Poutine Week. There’s a whole list of restaurants over at that you can check out. For every poutine sold, one meal is given to someone who needs it through the Mealshare program. Isn’t that awesome? Poutine is awesome and it’s waaaaay better when you can help give back!

My friend and I have decided we are going to do some poutine hopping this week, as Calgary Poutine Week only lasts until April 23!

Our first stop was at Goro + Gun for their Hamamatsu Poutine. If you love Japanese-inspired cuisine, you will love this dish. It’s filled with sweet yam fries, unagi (eel), some delicious gooey cheese, teriyaki gravy, green onions and an onsen (hot springs) tamago (egg).

We decided to share the poutine. The portion is pretty small for $10, so I would have preferred my own. But oh my goodness, it was the best poutine I have had in ages!!

The saltiness of the cheese went so well with the sweet flavour of them yam fries with the teriyaki gravy. After the yolk dripped on each yam fry so carefully, the melody of flavours I was experiencing was divine.

I definitely hope they keep this poutine as part of their regular menu. I think a nice beer or wine would have been great to pair with this dish, I will definitely be back for more!

Rating: 5/5 Yam Fries

Goro + Gun is located in the Scotia Center, 225 7 Ave SW #245

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The Brokin’ Yolk in Calgary – REVIEW

Calgary, AB is well known for its amazing brunch locations.

During the wee hours of the morning, you will find people lining up for hours outside (or inside if there’s room), waiting to be seated and to be taken away by the delicious taste of what I like to call, “Breakfast Bliss”.
This was my second visit to The Brokin’ Yolk and I was hoping for this visit to be better than my first impression. It was… a little.

I’ll start off with expressing my utmost appreciation for their waitlist policy.

There are few brunch places that allow you to wait in line before you even get there. You can call The Brokin’ Yolk at least an hour ahead and ask to be put on the wait list. They will then send you a text message indicating you’re on the waitlist and there will be a link you can click on to see your place in line. Instant results as long as you have wi-fi or data.

Once your table is ready, they send you an automated text in which you need to reply with “1” to confirm, or “2” to cancel. I received this text 20 minutes before our anticipated arrival time and I even expressed that we wouldn’t arrive until a certain time… so out of concern I gave them a quick call. They reassured me that our notification was just to notify us that we’re good to go and they know that people are still waiting at home, so the notification is sent about 20 minutes early. Phew! I was so glad that they told me that. There are some brunch establishments that literally give you like one minute to get to your table after being notified… but yay, The Brokin’ Yolk was not one of them! It’s so convenient, especially if you’re thinking of going in a group of 3 or more.

So, how’s the food?

The last time I went here, I had a Salmon Benny and it was served to me somewhat cold… This time, the food wasn’t cold! 🙂image

I was craving eggs that day so I decided to go with the Veggie Benny. It’s beautifully presented with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top and plenty of garnishes. The eggs were placed on top of a waffle, which gave it a very nice crunch. The taste was good, but not phenomenal. I thought it could use more flavour, but I do give kudos to the yolks being nice and runny! The duck fat hashbrowns were really salty, with a slight nutty flavour. I enjoyed the salt, however, I still needed some ketchup to tone the salty taste down. They were a bit dry too but I still enjoyed them.


We wanted dessert so we tried the waffle with white chocolate lavender sauce. Each of us had our own waffle, but we could have shared a single as I already had some waffles in my benny… oops! The waffle was crispy and went quite well with the white chocolate lavender sauce. There was definitely a lot of sauce given for only a single waffle (we both got sauce, so could have probably asked just for one) so I ended up putting the rest in my Lavender Latte…

This is the Lavender Latte I wanted to try since my previous visit. It has a very aromatic lavender scent, however I couldn’t really taste the lavender flavour that much, so I was rather disappointed. I was expecting the latte would be sweet with the lavender added, but that was not the case. Oh well, I’m glad that I tried it! After I put the rest of my white chocolate lavender sauce in it, it tasted much better.

The hype for this place must be in their other menu items of which I need to try… I recommend The Brokin’ Yolk if you’re in the area and for their unique waiting list policy. There waffles are pretty good too.

The Brokin’ Yolk is located at 12580 Symons Valley Rd NW #130, Calgary, AB

Rating: 3.5/5 waffles

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NYX Cosmetics Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Blossom – REVIEW

Since the NYX section opened up at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, I have been eyeing these liners for quite some time. This Vivid Blossom liner really caught my attention as I’ve been into lilac and pastel colours lately.


I’ve applied this several times on my eyelids alongside black eyeliner. It is definitely a very light colour that proved difficult to see on my light skin tone. However, when paired with a dark eyeshadow, the pop of colour it adds is amazing!


I am not a fan of the brush tip. It makes it hard to create a straight and precise line unless I move the brush REALLY slowly across the area. The pigmentation though, is out of this world! It is exactly how it is pictured on the box. Bright and VIVID, and true to colour. The photo doesn’t show the vibrancy, but trust me, it’s pretty vibrant!


I enjoy the wear time. It does budge if rubbed off, and it does remove easily with water. However, if you don’t rub it off or wash it… it stays on quite well.

I’m interested in purchasing Vivid Fire. It’s the perfect red eyeliner to go with a vampy or daring look.

If you’re looking for a pigmented liner that will add a pop of colour to your eye makeup routine, I would recommend this!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Product was purchased with my own money.

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